Evaluation of Role of ABAQUS and KENLAYER Software in Linear Elastic Analysis of Flexible Pavement

Ali Mansurkhaki, Saeid Hesami, Iman Khajehhassani, Mohammad Worya Khordehbinan


The this paper has analyzed and modeled several common elastic pavement by using finite element method (by using ABAQUS software) and layers theory (by using KENLAYER software) then in every one of these pavements in four selected sets, amounts of vertical and longitudinal stress, amounts of vertical and longitudinal strain, displacement and life of pavement structure are measured in every method separately. Eventually, from statistical viewpoint, the results of analysis on these two techniques have been compared by significance parameter. With respect to rate of standard error in statistical analysisfor evaluationof the parameters considered in this paper, it can be deduced that there is no significant difference between the mean values ofthe parameters obtained from finite element and/or layered elastic analyses.

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